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Reflecting back on our past 37 years, we at the Black Chamber couldn't have done it without your support and considerations.

Your efforts have allowed us to lead the way to provide access to information, resources and support that connects our Black and Ethnic businesses to opportunities for growth and development.

Over this past year, the Black Chamber continued our business leadership role to ensure that when veterans return home from the battlefront that they will find an opportunity to continue their education, learn new skills, find a place in the workplace or obtain resources to start a business.

Your membership renewal will help us increase our access to information for business education, veterans business enhancements , plus new and innovative features for our website and other social media communication.

As we move forward this year we are committed to the continuation of the opportunity to enhance, improve, and grow your business.

Again, thanks for your continued support and participation. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your support.

It is much appreciated and needed!

Bobby McDonald

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