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The whole purpose of this luncheon is to focus on our future leaders. To Showcase and Bring Awareness of Orange County Black History, Featuring Inspirational and Historical Experiences. 

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Community Based Partnerships Veteran Connections Presentation/Discussion

2019 California Employment Development Department JVSG Training Conference at Anaheim Hilton

Ms. Claudia Almanza-EDD Employment Program Manager speaks about the 2019 Training Conference regarding the Jobs for Veterans State Grant which provides assistance to eligible veterans and spouses that are facing significant barriers to employment.

Ms. Gabriela Bristow, Deputy Director, Veterans Program Unit Manager, was the training coordinator of this event featuring over 200 participants across the state.

The purpose of this presentation was to highlight the value of the partnerships and collaborations, within the community, in order to benefit customers and the community.

Bobby McDonald, Black Chamber of Orange County CEO and Chair of the Orange County Veterans Advisory Council and a member of other veterans groups, was guest panelist.

Our Business Partners

The Black Chamber of Orange County is celebrating over 32 years of service and impact promoting our mission to work with both private and public sector partners to economically empower and sustain Black business, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

We have championed and lead the way to provide access to information, resources and support that connects our Black and Ethnic businesses to opportunities for growth and development.

Over this past year, the Black Chamber took a business leadership role to ensure that when veterans return home from the battlefront that they will find an opportunity to continue their education, learn new skills, find a place in the workplace or obtain resources to start a business.

We worked tirelessly with community partners to encourage underserved youths to stay in school, obtain a college degree and receive mentoring to find a valuable place in this competitive technologically demanding workforce.

As we move forward this year we are committed to the continuation of the opportunity to enhance, improve, and grow your business.

Again, thanks for your continued support and participation. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your support. It is much appreciated and needed!

Orange County Diverse Business Leaders Coalition

The Orange County Diverse Business Leaders Coalition believes in a future of collaborative leadership, advocacy, business opportunities and a sharing voice for our communities.

OCDBLC understands that diversity requires both the presence and the respectful treatment of individuals and businesses from a wide range of ethnic, racial, age, national origin, religious, gender, sexual orientation, disability and socio-economic backgrounds.

The roots of the organization come from past and current leaders of the  OC Hispanic Chamber, OC Black Chamber, Asian Business Association of OC, OC Chinese American Chamber, Korean American Chamber of OC, Vietnamese American Chamber of Orange County, and the Orange County Business Council. 

OCDBLC will be a voice and partner within the diverse communities.

Orange County Diverse Business Leaders Coalition

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